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To know the face of God is to know madness... I see the universe. I see the patterns.
It's all there, i see it, and you dont
Oooo Lovely 
May 10 2010
leoben -all we have is now
Well im coming to the end of my visit home to Swansea and i must say i am feeling mucho refreshed. Ive had breakfast in bed every morning, been taken out shopping, chilled out and sorted my LJ and made some new funky icons. All in all the last few days have been very nice indeed, of course i do miss my BF and i have been warned by him i will be coming home to alot of ironing haha....the little shit.

Im travelling back to Coventry tomorrow and back in work on Wednesday.....boo hiss....i hate work i dont think ive ever been as understimulated in my life as i am in my current job. Im so very glad i have my art, interests and my muses to keep me going creatively. I think im going to have to start investing in some self belief so i can get myself out of this idea that you have to work in a place you hate to survive.....wish me luck haha!

Hope everyones well, im going to pop off and listen to some tunes and eat some saucy biscuits before bed NOM! XD

I leave you with some CKR icons from my current banner.

Credit if used please XD


Texture credit - vikyvampirs90 
May 10 2010 (UTC)
Very cool :) Without my writing and art, I could not live....seriously. Those two things are a must for me in my life :)
May 10 2010 (UTC)
You need them i think, without mine i would be lost XD
May 10 2010 (UTC)
Pure awesomesauce!
May 10 2010 (UTC)
*does the awesomesauce dance*

Thanks sweet! XD
May 11 2010 (UTC)
May 11 2010 (UTC)
Wow, very, very cool icons and wallpaper! Love the colors.

Thanks for sharing ;)
May 11 2010 (UTC)
Thanks buddy! XD

and welcomes.
May 11 2010 (UTC)
Hot damn, these are so, so beautiful! I'm totally stealing the wallpaper, which will be, er, replacing your OTHER Leoben one on my laptop! ;)

*steals all your leobenz*
May 11 2010 (UTC)
Awwwww thanks hunny, thats so nice! XD

Glad you like and have be using my leoben pieces :)
May 11 2010 (UTC)
Ohhh the green one with k/l is just lovely.
Snagging 2,3,4. Will credit ^_^
May 11 2010 (UTC)
thanks sweetie! enjoy!
May 18 2011 (UTC)
These are lovely. Taking icon #6, if that's ok.
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